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Market Research & Competitive Analysis

AlphaVate helps clients understand industry trends, growth opportunities and competitive landscape so they can better navigate the new economic conditions, take advantage of opportunities, gain competitive advantage, and build strategies that result in profitability and long-term success. There are a number of occasions where market research is needed:

  • Your firm is launching a new service                   

  • You're developing your organizational strategy  

  • Your industry environment is changing              

  • You're selecting verticals to specialize in     

  • You're seeing a diminishing market share

  • Your firm needs to accelerate growth

Market Research

Market Research &
Target Addressable Market

Whether commercializing a new product or further refining the target of an existing business line: Identify target customers and optimize your outreach.

Competitive Analysis

Clarify your market position, research your competitors, and better capitalize on your business’s strengths. Gain a better sense of their competition and competitive advantages.

Industry Trends

Identify industry trends and provide detailed, actionable insights to make sure your business is in the best position to capitalize on the next market-moving opportunity that presents itself.

What we do

Industry Projections & Growth Drivers

AlphaVate investigates the fundamental growth drivers within your industry. We help clients develop the best positioning strategy and recommend solutions to capitalize on future opportunities. Figure out the best market to pursue.

Evaluation of Operating Models

We recommend solutions to known challenges and inefficiencies and identify opportunities to improve operations and enhance growth.

Analysis of Disrupting Technologies

Understand the rapidly changing technology landscape. Investigate how developments in tech may impact your business and recommend an approach which turns these developments into opportunities for growth.

Customer Intelligence

Comprehensive research to extract detailed consumer insights. Address your customers’ concerns and identify ways to improve your value proposition and sales strategy while enhancing brand recognition.

Industry KPIs

Detailed, data driven analysis of corporate performance through a range of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure your firm’s progress relative to competitors. Integrated dashboards display insights, trends, and actionable recommendations.

Regulatory, Technology and International Environment

Learn the laws and regulations affecting your industry and anticipate changes in specific jurisdictions. Limit your firm’s legislative and conduct risk.

Industry Research

Understand new markets and adapt to dynamic consumer demographics. See your market from your consumers’ point of view. Extensive, detailed insights allow your firm to embrace--and succeed--in times of change. AlphaVate enables you to more effectively differentiate your strengths and improve your offering to consistently deliver more value to your customers.

Industry Overview

Competitor Heatmap

Competitive Analysis

Evaluate competitors and develop an understanding of your strategic advantages. By studying your closest competition, AlphaVate can develop a defensive strategy while identifying actionable opportunities to better capture market share.

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